Dr. Gideon Efrat
There is no doubt about the language of Marek Yanai: the emergence of something heroic, a direct way of looking at the world and of viewing it as a realm of light that can be tamed. Prometheus stole fire from the gods and turned it into a tool of craft; Marek Yanai “steals” the sun from them and transforms it into art.
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Yael Gahnassia
Marek has taught me how to look, how to feel the mystery of Jerusalem and the intensity of its sublime light – a light that dazzles the eyes and the soul, a transforming light. Like no other, he has the ability – like the Baudelaire of the Little Poems in Prose in “The Windows” – to let us know that behind partly open windows lie fabulous treasures that the viewer’s imagination must conjure up: “In that black or luminous square life lives, life dreams, life suffers.” Read more ›

Daniel Kafri
It is a measure of the man, of his internal honesty and truth, his modesty and humility. This is what gives him the ability to discover the beauty and wonder of every thing under the sun. Unlike others, Marek does not paint Marek. Marek himself does not exist: he paints what is outside himself.
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Dr. Sylvia Rosenberg
At first glance, Yanai’s paintings seems to have nothing special taking place in them, on the face of it, they present the permanent and the absolute. However, further and more discerning observation reveals their essential character: impressions and qualities of mystery and the cryptic whose subject is beyond the superficiality of reality and its matter. Read more ›